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Welcome to the 21st century. Since the release of the first Video Casette Recorder (VCR) in 1956 consumers have had the ability to copy video content for personal and educational use. Before the digital revolution it was the end user’s responsibility to follow applicable copyright laws.

It's not illegal to copy purchased music off of a CD and convert the songs to play on an iPod, so why should DVD movies be any different? Unknown to the general consumer is that the Motion Picture Association of America, MPAA, in league with the DVD Copy Control Association, DVD-CCA, encrypts every commercial DVD they produce with the Content Scrambling System, CSS. CSS is a trade secret of the DVD-CCA, so developers are required to license this technology from them in order to produce DVD players that support movies released by the MPAA.

Announcing Snatch! Now its as easy to copy movies onto your iPod as it is to play them on your DVD player. Please use at your own risk.

Advance your perspective on DVD Archiving...

DOWNLOAD NOW!http://sourceforge.net/projects/snatch/files/Snatch%201.0a1.dmg/download